Chili Pepper Sea Salt


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Add a touch of heat to any dish with our chili salt made with a mix of Hawaii-grown chili peppers, including the Hawaiian chili pepper, and pure Hawaiian sea salt. Our peppers are slow-dried to reach full maturation and flavor and ground to a fine powder that coats each coarse grain of salt. The mixture is then stored briefly to effectively distribute the heat and flavors of the chili peppers and achieve the optimal balance of heat and saltiness.

Use this salt in place of regular salt when sprinkling on finished dishes to add depth of flavor and texture – hand-cut french fries, grilled veggies and eggs are some of our favorites!


All our spices, rubs and salts are crafted in small batches using locally sourced ingredients that we believe are key to giving each blend its particular flavor. Our finishing salts are made with natural Hawaiian sea salt known for its purity, quality, trace minerals and electrolyte content. Our Chili Pepper Sea Salt mixes in chili peppers grown in Hawaii where the consistent tropical climate, rocky soil and ample sunshine are conducive to growing strong, healthy and flavorful chili peppers.

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