Hawaiian Grill-Fry


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Hawaii is known for its melting pot of cultures and cuisines and our Hawaiian Grill-Fry Spice Rub is a fusion of favorite flavors of Hawaii that work well in both a pan and the on the grill – or even better, in a grill pan that combines the best of both. It’s a vibrant blend of savory, citrusy and earthy flavors and medium heat. Add this island style seasoning to your favorite delicate meat or vegetarian substitute for a zesty and punchy, yet warm and pleasing full-palate experience.

This spice rub tastes good on fast cooking proteins and veggies, especially seafood and thinly cut chicken or beef – stir-fry in a grill pan, shrimp skewers and pan seared flaky fish (like mahi) are some of our favorites!


All our spices and rubs are crafted in small batches using locally sourced ingredients that we believe are key to giving each blend its particular flavor. Hawaiian Grill-Fry Dry Rub brings together local makrut lime leaves and local ginger, two of Hawaii’s most robust ingredients that flourish year-round throughout the islands. It also uses natural Hawaiian sea salt known for its purity, quality, trace minerals and electrolyte content.

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Ginger, garlic, coconut sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, shiitake mushroom, scallions, sesame seeds, white pepper, makrut lime leaf