Ka’anapali Coffee Steak Rub


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The acidity in a coffee based rub enhances the flavor of meat in the same way that cooking with wine does. Our Ka’anapali Coffee Steak Rub is a harmony of bold flavors, combining complex smoky, bittersweet and piquant spices to create a single, unique and exotic taste that turns any standard roast or steak into a gourmet delicacy.

This steak rub tastes good on any slow-cooked cut of meat, particularly classic meats for the barbecue or smoker – tri-tip, brisket and top round (for roast beef) are some of our favorites!


All our spices and rubs are crafted in small batches using locally sourced ingredients that we believe are key to giving each blend its particular flavor. Ka’anapali Coffee Steak Rub uses premium coffee grounds from the coffee plantations of West Maui that benefit from the volcanic soil and years of artful cultivation. It also uses natural Hawaiian sea salt known for its purity, quality, trace minerals and electrolyte content.

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Dark brown sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, ground Maui coffee, dried garlic, smoked peppercorn, Hawaiian chili pepper, paprika, cumin