Spicy Pork and Poultry


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As the name suggests, our Spicy Pork & Poultry dry rub is specifically formulated to give a lot of flavor to chicken and pork. These versatile meats lend themselves to be flavored externally so the seasoning chosen when cooking can really make or break the meal. This spice rub is an easy way to confidently achieve success every time you cook with it. With just enough heat to add flavor and awaken the palate, its spiciness also comes from its complexity. Rather than adding a single particular or dominant flavor, this spice rub has a little something for each or our primary taste sensations while unlocking the inherent flavors of the pork or chicken, to create a deeply flavorful and richly colored meal.

This spice rub tastes good on any individual cut of pork or chicken (or a butterfly cut whole chicken) – grilled chicken kebabs and pork ribs are some of our favorites!


All our spices and rubs are crafted in small batches using locally sourced ingredients that we believe are key to giving each blend its particular flavor. Spicy Pork & Poultry gets its unique flavor from chili peppers grown in Hawaii where the consistent tropical climate, rocky soil and ample sunshine are conducive to growing strong, healthy and flavorful chili peppers and from the oregano grown in the arid soil of the west-facing slopes of Haleakala. It also uses natural Hawaiian sea salt known for its purity, quality, trace minerals and electrolyte content.

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Hawaiian sea salt, red pepper, coriander, brown sugar, black pepper, white pepper, Hawaiian chili pepper, oregano, mango powder