Kiawe Smoked Sea Salt


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We like the smoky flavor a grill adds to food, but we don’t like artificial and laboratory-made “flavoring” ingredients and we know it’s not practical to grill everything. Our Kiawe Smoked Salt adds that desired flavor to any food naturally. Made with the purest and finest quality Hawaiian sea salt, the salt crystals are cold smoked with kiawe wood – mesquite’s tropical cousin – until they’ve turned a deep charcoal color and absorbed the sweet, deep flavor of the kiawe smoke.

Use this salt in place of regular salt when sprinkling on finished dishes to add depth of flavor and texture – skillet breakfast potatoes, potato salad, tuna or chicken salad and a bagel with cream cheese and tomato are some of our favorites!


All our spices, rubs and salts are crafted in small batches using locally sourced ingredients that we believe are key to giving each blend its particular flavor. Our finishing salts are made with natural Hawaiian sea salt known for its purity, quality, trace minerals and electrolyte content.

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Kiawe smoked sea salt