Get to Know the Real Flavors of Hawaii

Specialty foods made with real ingredients that come from the 'Aina (land)

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Aina Kopi means ‘seasoning from the land.’ With a year-round growing season and fertile volcanic soil, Hawaii offers a bounty of unique and delicious ingredients – many of which are not widely known despite their common local use. We call these the real flavors of Hawaii. They’re real because they’re grown in the ground, not made in a laboratory, and because they’re traded, gifted, and enjoyed daily by those of us who live here.

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“The moment I tried Aina Kopi Chimichurri I was a fan. I made a sous vide ribeye and topped it with Ignacio’s  fantastic “chimi”. Just the right amount of spice and super fresh flavors.”

Garrett Marrero, CEO/Co-Founder Maui Brewing Co

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